18 - Cluster Computing
Slide Exercises

Use the map component of the mapreduce() to create the cubes of the integers from 1 to 25

# Conventional solution
# create a list of 25 integers
ints <- 1:25
result <- sapply(ints,function(x) x^3)

# MapReduce solution
rmr.options(backend = "local") # local or hadoop
# load a list of 25 integers into HDFS 
hdfs.ints = to.dfs(1:25)
# mapper for the key-value pairs to compute squares
mapper <- function(k,v) {
  key <- v
  value <- c(key^3)
# run MapReduce 
out = mapreduce(input = hdfs.ints, map = mapper)
# convert to a data frame
df =

#add identifiers for each row as they are consecutively the square and cube
df$powers <- c('n^3')
output <- cast(df,key ~ powers,value="val")

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