19 - Data Structure and Storage
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An IS department in a major public university records the lectures for 10 of its classes for video streaming to its partner universities in India and China. Each twice-weekly lecture runs for 1.25 hours and a semester is 15 weeks long. A video streaming expert estimates that one minute of digital video requires 6.5 Mbytes using MPEG-4 and Apple's QuickTime software. What is MPEG-4? Calculate how much storage space will be required and recommend a storage device for the department.

MPEG-4 definition

Semester 15 weeks
Classes 10 per week
Lecture length 1.25 hours per class
Lectures 2 per class per week
Video storage 6.5 Mbytes per minute
Lecture hours 15*10*1.25*2
Lecture minutes 15*10*1.25*2*60
Mbytes 15*10*1.25*2*60*6.5
Gbytes 15*10*1.25*2*60*6.5/1000
Gbytes 146.25

RAID-1 because of the likely high number of reads compared to writes once the data are loaded.

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