20 - Data Processing Architectures
Skill Builders

A European city plans to establish a fleet of two-person hybrid cars that can be rented for short periods (e.g., less than a day) for one-way trips. Potential renters first register online and then receive via the postal system a smart card that is used to gain entry to the car and pay automatically for its rental. The city also plans to have an online reservation system that renters can use to find the nearest car and reserve it. Reservations can be held for up to 30 minutes, after which time the car is released for use by other renters. Discuss the data processing architecture that you would recommend to support this venture. What technology would you need to install in each car? What technology would renters need? What features would the smart card require? Are there alternatives to a smart card?

A company supplies pharmaceuticals to sheep and cattle stations in outback Australia. Its agents often visit remote areas and are usually out of reach of a mobile phone network. To advise station owners, what data management strategy would you recommend for the company?

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Date revised: 02-Dec-2022