1 - Data Management

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Smart phones have dramatically changed individual data management in the last few years. We now have calendars, address books, to-do lists, and many more apps literally in our hands. What individual data are still difficult to manage? What might be the characteristics of an app for that data?

"There is an app for that," has become a catch phrase of the smart phone era. As long as a creative app developer can find a way to create a structure to store data, then an app is feasible. Audio and video data is a bit more difficult to manage because it is harder to search. For example, it is not easy to search an audio recording to find the fifth occurrence of 'house' or a video to find "a red house with a white barn." These sorts of queries will likely become feasible as computer scientists extend voice and object recognition. Also, smart phones will need the processing power to run such search apps.


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Date revised: 02-Dec-2022