Google search exercise

Google searches can be made more precise by the use of specific words within a search. For example, you find review of a movie. In addition, there are some useful tools, such as currency conversion. The following table lists search features and examples of their use.

Feature Use Examples
Book search Find among the books that Google has placed online those that contain the search terms. Click on a book’s title to view a page on which the terms appear. books about peru hiking
Calculator Evaluate an arithmetic expression 15*7%
Currency conversion Convert between currencies 3500 euro in usd
Definitions See the definition of a word or phrase define explorer
File Types Find a file of a specified file type of one of 12 format UPS annual report filetype:pdf
Movies Find reviews of a movie movies cosi
Music search Find details of artists, songs, or albums music fourplay
PhoneBook Find the organization or person associated with a phone number 706 542 8100
Q&A Fill in for gaps in your general knowledge population of metro atlanta
Search by number Track parcels, identify products, or telephone area codes 9780471715368 (UPC search)
Site search Restrict searching to a particular site dockers
Stock quotes Live stock quotes and information by entering the ticker symbol aapl
Travel information Check for delays at an airport or the status of a U.S. flight atl airport
Weather Weather report and forecast for U.S. cities weather athens ga


  1. What is 81 inches in meters?
  2. What is the value of 3,600 Malaysian Ringgits in USD?
  3. If gasoline is 3 USD per gallon how much is it in euros per liter?
  4. What is the current weather in International Falls, Minnesota?
  5. What did the reviewers think of 'The Rabbit-Proof Fence?"
  6. Are there any delays at Los Angeles airport (LAX)?
  7. What is the status of Delta flight 55?
  8. Find some books about Western Australian wildflowers.
  9. Find details of the CD "Sketches of Spain."
  10. What is the current price of GE shares (GE)?
  11. What cities are in the 912 area code?
  12. What articles can you find about the Prius in the New York Times (
  13. A data management textbook author brags of the 51 mpg he gets from his Prius, but the metric system uses liters per 100 kilometers. What should figure should he use when bragging to his French friends?
  14. What is the meaning of gasconade?
  15. Whose phone number is 202 456 1111?


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