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Data Management

(sixth edition)


Richard T. Watson

The book is available from Amazon for USD 9.99. It can be read on a Kindle and with the appropriate app on Android, IOS, OS X, and Windows.

A print version of the book is available through Prospect Press.

Note: As I make minor improvements and corrections to the book, I upload a new version to the Amazon bookstore.

If you’d like to receive updates for Data Management automatically, you can turn on automatic updates for your books from the Manage Your Kindle page:

  1. Select “Manage Your Devices” from the left navigation bar.
  2. Under the section titled, “Automatic Book Update,” select Turn On.
If your version fails to update, delete your current edition and download a new one from Amazon. It remembers you have paid for the book.

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Date revised: 08-May-2020